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This is a mega-post containing every post from the old site. We could not risk to lose that fine material. Have fun!

13:28 23.02.2009: TRONDHEIM

Next weekend we’re heading to Trondheim to play at the International Student Festival (ISFiT). It’s going to be a short show, though, playing two songs at the closing ceremony of the festival. We’re also playing a concert at Friday night, at a place called Brukbar, arranged by Trondheim Elektroverksted. Last time we played in Trondheim was at the pStereo festival in August. We had a really great time there then, and we’re looking forward to coming back. See you there! Meanwhile, check out these pictures from pStereo:


Warm welcome.

12:47 23.02.2009: BY:LARM

Last night we arrived safe and sound back in Bergen after a great weekend in Oslo during the by:Larm festival. Having played four concerts in two days, we were quite happy to have a day off on Saturday, finally being able to see some shows ourselves and not having to drag flight cases from venue to venue. Anyway, it’s been a great festival, and despite some reviews being not so good, we think that we did an overall good job. The response from the audience was very good. Thanks to everyone who came to see us! Stay tuned for some legendary footage from the festival. Soon to be published right here. In the meantime, check out our style in the elevator from our trip to Oslo in connection with the Riksalarm award (which we actually won!)

Take care.

Love from The New Wine.

13:29 14.01.2009: EUROSONIC AND OSLO

Whilst sitting in the studio listening to Stian recording the last guitar parts on ‘Revolving Cylinder’, I decided to give you an update on our plans for the weekend. Friday morning we will take a plane to Amsterdam. From there we continue to Groningen and the Eurosonic festival. We are going to play a concert Friday night at a place called Simplon, at 23:55. Make sure to tell all your friends in Holland! Saturday morning we are heading back to Bergen, then going straight to Oslo to play at Parkteateret with our DJ friends Get Dancy. This is going to be great. We are all itching to perform again.

Here is what Eurosonic writes about us:

“Old wine in new bottles? A cold country like Norway is not the first place to think of wine, but climate change certainly has some positive side-effects. These gentlemen from Bergen present a fruity mix of the Whitest Boy Alive, Pheonix and even some Italodisco. The result is a slightly synthetic brew, perfect for swinging. Best thing of all is that you do need to drink half a bottle of wine to do so. A few songs of The New Wine suffice. Positive side effect: this stuff does not cause any hangovers.”

22:46 13.01.2009: STUDIO!

Great news to all of you. We have had our first day in the studio, recording tracks for our first single, and the results so far sound brilliant! We will continue tomorrow. We are really looking forward to hearing the final product. Yeah!

01:30 12.01.2009: SEPTEMBER

September started out with a show in open air, at the 60 years anniversary for the student organization SiB. We played a concert together with our friends in Kommode. It was a really nice day, and a cool experience to play on such an open scene. It was very different from outside festivals we had played at earlier.

Tight drummer tightening drums.

Fresh fruit before a concert is always swell.

Kommode live in concert.

After our little outdoor concert we were picked up and driven to USF Verftet for soundcheck prior to our show at the Ekkofest the very same night. Such a nice festival where you can just walk from room to room in one huge building and discover cool artists on every stage you happen to stumble across.

Then followed a concert at Garage in Bergen, headlining the after-party for the music contest Eggstockfestivalen that we won in June. On the 20th of September we played in Haugesund, as a part of a student festival there. Nice town. Nice experience. Nice hotel (again).

From our performance in Haugesund. Why the barriers?

21:22 24.11.2008: AUGUST REVIEWED

After having played together with The Death Set and Pilooski at Blå during Øyanatt (a show that was great, resulting in us meeting Etienne De Crécy backstage! Or at least we think so), we returned to Oslo after a week or so, playing two new shows. The first one was at a place called Månefisken, idyllically situated by the river Akerselva, where lovely chefs served us fantastic hamburgers and smoke machines had dreamy smoke drifting from the riverside and out onto the water, giving the scene just the right amount of spookiness. The other show was hosted by Oslo Student Festival, and we played together with three other bands at Chateau Neuf. Both shows were successful and we got great response from the audience.

After this we returned to Bergen, and after another few days in our hometown, we continued south to Stavanger, to play at Checkpoint Charlie. This turned out to be a fantastic trip. When we finally reached our hotel, after having dragged synth cases and guitar bags from the harbour, we realized that this was no crappy hostel (two of us have actually experienced what one may call a crappy hostel). Included was free use of sauna and steam bath. As well as solarium, which we forced Johan to take. Breakfast was, maybe not so surprisingly, also included, but we didn’t get to try this, since we had to leave at 7 am the next morning. Touring is hard.

Enjoying some authentic Norwegian food in Stavanger.

Our next stop was Trondheim, where we played at the Pstereo Festival. This turned out to be a great experience. The weather was fantastic, and the festival was very well arranged. Our first performance was in the main area of the festival, on the smallest of the three stages. After us played Metronomy, who actually had to borrow Johan’s bass guitar. Luckily, they use the same model. In the evening of the same day, we played a youth concert another place in town. This was a great night. Although there weren’t many people, those who showed up made a great audience.

Elevator photo session from our hotel in Trondheim.

Jacuzzi photo session from the same place.

18:47 24.11.2008: LONG TIME NO SEE

Let’s start with a huge apologee for the web site not being updated in almost four months! This has its reasons, lack of Internet connection, heavy touring and the disappearance of a digital camera cable being some of them. Anyway, a lot has happened since there last was any activity here, and the following posts will hopefully give an overview of where we have been and what we have been doing.

Is this photo really from this decade?

11:28 31.07.2008: LOST WEEKEND

All righty then! It’s been over a month since our last concert, so tonight it’s time to kick some shit. Meet up at Askøy at six o’clock, and we’ll guarantee a breathtaking show. Only if we see YOU there, that is.


12:01 29.07.2008: ØYANATT

Read more here!

09:28 28.07.2008: REHEARSAL
After weeks of laziness (the lack of desire to perform work or expend effort) in the sun, we have now started to perfectionize our tunes for the shows that lie ahead. If the weather keeps up (according to the forecast, it will), we imagine that Lost Weekend will be a great experience for both us and the audience. We are rehearsing every day now, so don’t be scared if soft electro-pop reaches your ears from an open window down town.

09:18 28.07.2008: OPPLETT 2
The OPPLETT CD is set to be released on August 18! Go get it!

15:33 17.07.2008: OPPLETT
This is something that should have been posted a long time ago. Soon there will be released a CD called ‘Opplett’. It’s a compilation disc put together by Mikal Telle and Erlend Øye, containing seven tracks from seven up-and-coming underground bands from Bergen, The New Wine being one of them. We got our hands on some of the copies last night, and it both looks and sounds cool! This is acutally our first release. Anyway, it will be available in a short while. Check it out to discover what Bergen has to give. Many great tracks.

15:19 17.07.2008: AUGUST
We can now confirm that we’ll be playing a show in oil city Stavanger on August 22. We will also be supporting The Death Set and Pilooski in Oslo on the 7th of August. Thus we are part of Øyanatt, the night programme of Øyafestivalen. Cool shit. As if this isn’t enough, we are also playing two other shows in Oslo, on the 16th and 19th of August. As well as a show on Stord a couple of weeks earlier and two in Bergen a little later on. And Trondheim, of course. In other words, August is definitely our busiest month so far. Head to the shows section to see the complete list.

10:33 17.07.2008: RADIO NOVA
Came across some photos from our little outdoor concert at Blå in Oslo, hosted by the local student radio:

Thanks to Trym Stubberud, the photographer.

10:03 17.07.2008: DEMO INTERVIEW
If you’ve read previous posts here, you know that we won a contest called ‘Oppdrag DEMO’ in a local newspaper. For all Norwegian fans (and others who want to practice Norwegian): read the DEMO contest interview here!

09:55 17.07.2008: FESTIVAL PHOTOS
Some photos from our recent festival experiences:

08:55 17.07.2008: RECORDING
We are currently in the process of recording two tracks for our 7″ single which is due to be released later this summer. Yesterday it all started, with Adrian laying down some phat beats. Today we’ll continue. The single will feature ‘I Had To Tell You’ and another track. We won’t tell you which one. Yet. Wait and see. We took some nice session photos with our hi-tech mobile phones. They will be posted soon.

12:24 07.07.2008: DEMO CONTEST
We recently won a contest called “Oppdrag DEMO”, arranged by the local newspaper BA. The prize is a 10 000 NOK voucher at a local music shop.

12:14 07.07.2008: SMALL UPDATE
A while ago we played at two rainy small festivals in Bergen. Though many people did not show up, we did our best and delivered two fine shows with an intimate atmosphere. Then two of us went to the Hove festival for recreation and music. After that, Adrian went on his honeymoon to Greece, where he is probably cooling down his mature body in the Mediterranean as we speak. While he is doing so, the rest of us will try to create some new stuff with the Beat Master (our drum machine replacement for Adrian). When he finally returns, it’s studio time. We will record two of our tunes for the release of our first 7″ single. Hopefully it will be in the shops late August/September. In August we will be doing a small Norway tour, playing a couple of concerts in Oslo and Trondheim, and maybe some in between.

Peace and love.

15:09 20.06.2008: EGGSTOCK Yesterday we managed to win the first prize at the Eggstock festival, an annual competition in Bergen for local bands. The jury (that consisted of two artists from Bergen, a booking agent and a producer) said that there was no doubt that The New Wine should win. Which we of course think is really cool! The prize includes amongst other things free recording sessions in a studio, the creation of a music video as well as concerts at other festivals later this year. Here are two pictures from the festival, taken from local newspaper Bergens Tidende:

10:34 17.06.2008: UPDATE All right, so it’s been a while since anything happened at this website. Maybe it’s about time to give the whole shit a face-lift and go completely international. While I’m in the process of doing just that, you can all lean back and drink a Pepsi whilst watching this fantastic video:


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