We are in Oslo

Lunch at Mono.

Lunch at Mono.

Good people of the world!

Yesterday evening we arrived in Oslo. The city is all covered in snow, and at the moment, large white flakes are falling outside the windows. Alas. Spring is not upon us yet.

We had a quite special taxi ride to the train station in Bergen. The driver told us some pretty shocking stories about previous passengers. When you meet us, please do ask for the full details (warning: discrimination of women, homosexuals and the working class).

Anyway, the train trip went just planned. We ate some great NSB cuisine in the oh so sacred cafeteria carriage (be sure not to bring your own food into it, or the employees will go bananas), including hot dogs and coffee.

A Nintendo DS can be a good friend onboard a train ...

A Nintendo DS can be a good friend onboard a train ...

Today we went to the U.S. Embassy to get our visas for our to New York and Texas. Then we went to a photography shop and a music store before we ended up at Mono, where we ate an amazingly good lunch.

Now we are chilling in an apartment, waiting to make some tacos later on (Johan is playing the bass). We have to warm up for Austin, where we’ll probably eat tacos and barbecue every day. Hell yeah.

Johan doing his business at Mono.

Johan doing his business at Mono.


1 Response to “We are in Oslo”

  1. 1 travis March 16, 2009 at 1:19 am

    I am looking forward to seeing you at SXSW. Please bring cds so I can buy them from you! I can only buy one song on American Itunes.
    See you in Texas

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