Big Apple Part One

Hi there chaps and chapettes.  

Sittin’ in the lounge of Chelsea Hotel now. All is good with The New Wine. We’ve had an extraordinarily pleasant trip so far, the plane from Oslo to Newark going as smooth as can go. Surprisingly good food was served in-flight, and we could choose from a diverse range of entertainment from the screen in front of us. Adrian & Geir saw James Bond in ‘Quantum of Solace’, Stian ‘Monsters Inc.’, while Johan picked some episodes of ‘House’ to watch. We tried to lay down some cards in multiplayer hold ’em poker, but the LAN was obviously down. The ‘touch screen’ was a mess, and we almost broke our fingers going for a full house.

Our main meal served in-flight from Oslo to Newark. A wide range of american specialties. Grilled chicken with mashed potates and vegetables, break with butter, dijon mustard, salad and some cake with apple-taste. Airplane TV-dinner.

Our instruments and baggage was claimed, and we took airtrain from New Jersey to Manhattan. For Johan & Adrian the sights outside of Penn Station was old news, but Stian & Geir was struck by visual impact when the first skyscraper appeared in front of our eyes. Greatness in architecture I tell thee.



 First day was partly jetlaggy, but our plan to stay awake until sleepy-time, local time, succeeded. An expensive dinner was bought at an italian restaurant, and Johan felt obliged to buy some wine he didn’t want. Stian enjoyed the wine, and the food was delicious. Stiff prices and small portions will be contradicted today as we’re planning to eat fast-food, mexican style.

As many has done before him, Stian posed as a model on Times Square. A brilliant opportunity for Adrian to try out his new lens.

As many has done before him, Stian posed as a model on Times Square. A brilliant opportunity for Adrian to try out his new lens.

We went on a trip up to Times Square, cause when staying in New York for the first time, it’s kind of an obvious place to visit. The weather was nice, so we got a chance to try out newly bought sunglasses (provided by H&M + Urban Outfitters, red. anm.). Virgin Megastore on Times Square is actually closing down, so we shopped some items on heavy sale. Coffee was needed afterwards, so to took ourselves to the nearest café for a moment of shere quietness, a moment to write some cards to our loved ones.

Love from The New Wine.

PS. This is actually posted on the third day, but we will be posting part two today, concerning some parts of yesterday. Please do not be confused. 😀


Our first skyscraper.


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