Howdy folks

Howdy folks. We’ve reached destination Austin, Texas. Last night we experienced genuine american culture. New York is really different from Austin, both in size and culture. A phenomenon we experienced a lot, was screaming from cars. People rolling down their windows screaming at us. We we’re thrilled. Our first experience with this phenomenon was a guy screaming “Get the fuck outta’ the way!” waving a gun-like item at us. Ah, Austin.

We we’re looking for a place to guy some groceries, and we found a 24/7 supermarket about a one and a half mile from the hotel. The hotel is nice. It has a large swimming-pool, free internet, continental breakfast and TV. The weather outside is cloudy, but we’re hoping to see some sun (build up a solid tan, courtesy of Mr. Njøten) really soon. Today we are collecting our fesitval-pass, and we’re going to explore the SXSW festival in downtown Austin. Looking forward to this. We’ll keep y’all posted. Meanwhile, howdy ho – enjoy the show, and enjoy a selection of pictures.


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