Last day in Austin SXSW

Hey there!

Now we’re all packing our suitcases for our long trip home. First were travelling from Austin to Houston, then from Houston to Newark and finally from Newark (NY) to our beloved country Norway. Last but not least we hop on a flight from Oslo to Bergen. We hope for no delays! Continental Airlines are serving a delicious meal, and we hope to catch a movie on the plane.

We started the day sunbathing wich was not a good idea. Both Geir and Adrian got severely burnt, and they now look like boiled lobsters. Luckely we will be tanned in a while. Geir did’nt shave his mustache before after his burning sunbathing, so now he looks like a red-skinned motherfucker with a white mustache.

We went to town and did a bit of shopping, ate some burritos at Chipotle (great mexican fast-food-restaurant) and everyone bought something nice for our friends and family. Afterwards we went to the Guitar Convention at the Austin Convention Centre. Here there were hundreds of used and new guitars which we could try, Stian even alomost bought a really cheesy Z-guitar which would have given us a lot of attention. Anyway we left empty-handed, except for a BustaRhymes-record.

The last hours of our day we spent bathing with our manager, Mikal. Drinking Budweiser in the bubble-bath, we all agreed we’d had a successfull US-tour.

Good night to ya all!



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