Jena – Home of Carl Zeiss

Hello friends, fans and family!

Jena - Petanque

The charming rust of Maschats petanque-ball

What a tour this has been so far! After waking up at noon in Jena, a city of 103.000 inhabitants in the middle of Germany, a fine breakfast was consumed in the tower of the venue we were playing later the same evening, Kassablanca. The venue was typically german, the outside wall was semi-anarchistic, completely filled with cool grafitti. Maschat invited Stian and Geir to play a fair game of petanque (practically the same as boccia) on the grass just beside the venue, a game he won easily. In many ways, Kassablanca was really different from the Centralteater in Leipzig, so much smaller (even though it has room for more people), but more intimate and closed. Kassablanca is no beauty, but it’s striking coolness really got us in the mood.

After a superb dinner of mashed potatoes, spicy sausage, boiled vegetables and a sour cream dessert with berries, we watched some Family Guy to ease down on the nerves. Erlend played us some snippets from the new Kings of Convenience album to come (look forward!), and three of us did some awesome frisbee-throwing outside. Pre-gig Kassablanca was totally packed. We actually saw the crowd from the backstage, live from the webcam of the The air was really heavy, the audience sweaty, and when Daniel went onstage to present us, a collective scream emerged from the crowd. The night was amazing for us. Both acts played great sets. So many thanks to Jena for a magical evening, a landmark in The New Wine history. We now know that this is what we want to do for a while. And for all of you asking for CDs and t-shirts, this is stuff that will come!
Delicious breakfast.

Delicious breakfast.Maschat seriously beat Geir and Stian at petanque.


3 Responses to “Jena – Home of Carl Zeiss”

  1. 1 Sascha April 5, 2009 at 2:54 pm

    Hey you,

    your set was great and matched perfectly to WBA. Glad you enjoyed jena and “Kassablanca is no beauty, but it’s striking coolness really got us in the mood.” makes me laugh 🙂 it’s the best that we have here and i’m very thankful for this venue … anyway, wish you all the best and a very nice tour with the boys of WBA …


  2. 2 Gjert April 8, 2009 at 2:03 pm


    Why can’t we know which three of you performed the awesome frisbeeing? We fans want to know everything, I tell you; everything. Seems like you’re having hideous fun, and I’m glad on your behalf 🙂 I also envy the comfortable weather you’re basking in down there – here the Aprile Winds are howling and spraying us with chilly rain drops.

    Anyway, great blog G! Keep updating, and rock your rag-socks off 🙂

    Love & hugs from Uskedalen

  3. 3 Katharina April 9, 2009 at 10:47 am

    Your concert in Jena was just incredible awesome!! Hope to see you there again very, very soon!!!

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