Schorndorf and Zürich

Outside the venue in Schorndorf. There was probably a farm nearby, hence the fantastic smell.

Outside the venue in Schorndorf. There was probably a farm nearby, hence the fantastic smell.

Schorndorf (population: 39.196)



Oh yes. Last few days have been lazy, and we take self-criticism for not blogging as steadily as we started out doing. After Munich we travelled to the south of Germany, to the small town (could easily be called a village) of Schorndorf (close to Stuttgart). Schorndorf is cosy, small and reeks of farming. Adrian, Geir and Stian took a easy jog to the centre of Schorndorf to find a football, and after raiding the streets, we found a suitable yellow ball for 10 Euros. Bought. Meanwhile, Erlend had found Schorndorfs famous second-hand store, and got two tennis-rackets and a ball with no ‘futt’. Stian & Geir tried playing squash with the rackets, using the wall of a kindergarten (we tried exploring inside, but we got to afraid thinking about horror-survival games like ‘Silent Hill’ and ‘Resident Evil’).

Dinner in Schorndorf.

Dinner in Schorndorf.

Some hours were also spent in the sun (we got a request asking what kind of wheather we’ve experienced so far: sun and summer) trying to build up a tan (our second favorite activity after playing gigs) while Erlend played some acoustic songs in the background. Stian & Geir did some old Magnetic Leaf songs as well, singing some mad harmonies. The venue in Schorndorf: Manufaktur was a really nice place. Probably the best venue in miles, and a lot of people from Stuttgart came to see the concert (thanks to you guys).

Zürich (cultural capitol of Switzerland, one of the wealthiest cities in Europe)

There was some excitement around wether we were going to be allowed inside of Switzerland (driving a tourbus with a hanger filled with instruments raises a lot of questions at the border), but we slept soundly during the entire drive. Next morning we woke up outside of Hive Club, a techno-club right outside of Zürich city-centre. We ate a good breakfast, and Geir & Johan went handing with Geirs brother Svein and his fiancé Mara, while Adrian did homework and Stian went on the longest run of his life (including the heights of Zürich, catching a glimpse of some hens in a chicken-shack). The concert went great, and Stian & Geir DJed after the show this night as well, Daniel from TWBA stepping in mid-set to help out. After they closed down the dancefloor and bar, we went backstage, having a great time watching funny youtube-videos.


Today was off-day. The New Wine + Svein, Mara and Joakim has been walking through Zürich center all day, eating breakfast at a slick restaurant, drinking espresso/cola at an expensive café and eating the best vegetarian food for lunch at Hiltl (recommended by TNW). Afterwards we went to Josef-park by Hive Club to play Petanque, and a new game: a mix of frisbee and football, where there is no rules. The weather was beautiful, except some damn flies out to drink sweat from our foreheads. It’s like being on vacatian right now, but tomorrow we’ll go back to work, playing Düsseldorf! Now everybody is preparing for dinner: italian food at a cheap and good restaurant.

Miss you all back home!


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  1. 1 Monika Fischer October 23, 2011 at 10:33 pm

    The farming smell in Schorndorf came from Manufaktur’s neighbor a club of people who have rabbits, chicken, goats, etc. This club has been around since the 60’s (diff. location) and hosted such bands as The Taste with Rory Gallagher, Black Sabbath, Chicken Shack, Steppenwolf and, and…………………I wish I still lived there. I live now in Mansfield that you guys may play at some point _Comcast Center. It’s near Boston, MA………….Good luck with your music!

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