Rotterdam – Oh sweet health

Pleasant news: Johan and Stian are feeling much better, and after a long nights sleep (Stian slept: 00:00 – 12:00) we woke up in Rotterdam, the city with the largest port in Europe. The weather was again amazing, and we took a morning walk after the delicious breakfast. We visited both Rotown (the venue we’re playing later) and the hangar where we just did a radio session for dutch radio 3voor12.

Stian & Geir bumped into Erlend & Marcin, and we bought some ice-cold drinks (lovely coca cola) and the older guys bought booze for killing germs (Erlend: some small bottles for healing of stomach-problems and absinth, Marcin: a bottle of whisky). We also saw a lot of police, smashed glass, a person on a stretcher, ambulances, heard sirens and a helicopter taking off (the last one was amazingly cool).

The radio-session was a huge success. The 3voor12 session will be avalible online both in streaming sound and visual video after approx. 1 week or so. We will keep you posted. Anyways, the session was done in a small hangar at a construction site (our guy Bart thoroughly explained why we couldn’t be served beer on a construction site – just  not a good idea) with an audience of ca. 100 people enjoying themselves! Stian was so happy for being healthy that he did the last part of ‘I Had To Tell You’ on one foot, and Johan expressed it by grinning his face off.

Love from The New Wine


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