Swiss review of our Zürich-concert

The New Wine: Erlend Øyes Schützlinge

Babel Fish will try to translate this interview with it’s bad german (this is swiss german):

The New Wine: Erlend Øyes protegés

When they crept on Tuesday evening in the inhabitant of zurich Hive on the stage, umhängten themselves their guitars and began carefully on the Synthies to rum-strike, one, the Main act meant would have to play prematurely begun.

The milk-bearded The new Wine from Norwegian saving is called „mixes from The Whitest Boy Alive, Phoenix, with a shot Italodisco “, however the comparison with Erlend Øyes volume is completely clearly most obvious. The violent influence can best be explained by the fact that the four Norwegians under the expert wings Erlends grew up. And makes as well known rarely somewhat wrong.

The rather sceptical public was drawn fast by the young men into the spell. The funkigen Beats did not only know to convince, but above all also the extremely solid Vocals. Finally danced not only The Whitest Boy Alive in the middle in the public, proudly on its small favorites, but also majority of the public. To-remain definite.


1 Response to “Swiss review of our Zürich-concert”

  1. 1 Sabrina Stallone April 19, 2009 at 8:30 am

    not quite guys: i didn’t write the review in swiss (which is nothing but a dialect), but in german.. unfortunately, babel fish doesn’t seem to to be an expert at either of these languages 😉 better let some german speaker translate for you the most important passages, which have come out in a pretty bizarre way now.. however, i really liked your show in zurich!

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