Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Day Off: Daniel’s parents’ place

Amsterdam (Population: 1 million)

One of the beautiful canals in Amsterdam. Amazing.

One of the beautiful canals in Amsterdam. Amazing.

Sore throats woke up in Amsterdam. Stian took his daily dose of stomach restore to increase the level of bacteria to normal. The restaurant at Trouw, an old newspaper-press bulding made into a genuinly cool club east of Amsterdam city centre, had some great breakfast for the hungry morning birds. After a quick expedition of the backstage and venue, Daniel (synth in TWBA) tipped us about experiencing some lovely ladies at the red light district, but our childish innocence blocked us of doing so. In stead, we took to our feet and walked along the road leading towards the city centre, viewing the beautiful canals and historical sights of Amsterdam.


As you all know, smoking cannabis is legal in the Netherlands, often neatly exampled in american high-school comedies. To see (not to try out, we are too smart to fry our braincells with weed) what the fuzz was all about, we went into a mushroom-store. A lot of different herbs were presented, often leading to laughter within The New Wine travelling companionship.

We were tempted to buy a herb supposed to increase our focus. Who knows, it may have led to an even better show.

We were tempted to buy a herb supposed to "increase focus". Who knows, it may have led to an even better show.

Some eye-shopping was done, a bookstore visited, Stian got a digestion medicine (doesn’t want to talk about it) and postcards bought (these haven’t been sent yet, so please don’t be sad if you get a postcard with a Amsterdam-motive with a stamp from Paris or Berlin).

The concert went amazingly well. It must be said that the Amsterdam-audience helped us out a lot! Trouw on a saturday night is definately the place to be. From ‘Revolving Cylinder’ to ‘I Had To Tell You’: Screaming, jumping, dancing and singing. One of our best concert-experiences ever. Afterwards we danced to DJ Highfish (Marcin in TWBA) and had a great party with the other guys in our entourage.


Frankfurt (am Main)

The city with the american skyline gave us a great hello sunday morning, delivering on of the hottest experiences on the tour. The weather was fantastic, leaving us with no other option than jumping into shorts. We were all pretty tired, so we took it pretty easy with a good breakfast at the restaurant at Mousonturm. Stian & Adrian took the time to do some schoolwork while Geir & Johan joined The Whitest Boy Alive for a trip around Frankfurt. Everybody took a shower (don’t worry).


Right before the show, we were so tired that we almost fell to sleep, but when we realised it was 15 minutes to showtime, we pinched ourselves in the arm, Geir swallowed a bottle of water in one whole gulp, and we went onstage to show Frankfurt who The New Wine is. According to Trebbi (our sound-engineer) we played an awesome show, and we we’re also very happy ourselves. We have come to realise a way of performing that never was quite clear before. Sounds stupid, but we’re playing pretty good now.

Day-off: Daniels parents place

Easter-monday was day-off. The bus was still standing outside of Mousonturm, and the Frankfurt-weather was still sunny and hotter than hell. Great events were planned for this day, and Marcin’s parents plus more friends of TWBA joined our bus for a drive to a small village about 40-50 minutes outside of Frankfurt. When we arrived at the workshop where the bus was supposed to park, our surroundings changed from Frankfurt-city apartment buildings to rebuilt farm houses. Finally a quiet german town. Completely free of exhaust and pollution.


The village, of which we’re afraid we don’t remember the name of, houses the home of Daniel’s parents. A beautiful farm rebuilt into a office / hangout, connected to two other buildings (including the main house). The moment we arrived we were offered a wonderful lunch of african (Nigerian) food. Apple-wine (a kind of strong beer made out of apples), beer and juices we’re offered for drinks. After the great meal, Daniel’s father Dieter gave everybody hats. He insisted everybody to wear one, resulting in a hilariously funny experience (see pictures). There were a lot of activites to do around the house, including ping-pong (everybody else than us proving they’re skillful), pool (Trebbi being the master, Geir destroying his finger, playing two vs. two while listening to the Beatles), badminton (a lost badminton-ball made us go entirely Resident Evil in a hidden backyard) and jamming (a combination of washboard, banjo, classical guitars and trombone).

From left: Captain Haddock, Michael Jackson

From left: Captain Haddock, Michael Jackson

Dieter handed Maschat a feather creation.

Dieter handed Maschat a feather creation.




Unfortunately Adrian forgot his baguettes and garlic in the bus.

Unfortunately Adrian forgot his baguettes and garlic in the bus.

Dinner was a fine grill of fish, meat, shrimps, vegan and sausage. Salads and potates (kartoffel) were served as side dishes. Lovely. Marcin showed us his grill-skills. The evening was everything we ever dreamed of a summer night to be. Schnapps, red wine, Trebbi’s lovely stories about his times on the road and everybody singing great songs like Toto’s ‘Rosannna’. Thanks to Daniel’s parents for having us!

In other news:

We are happy to announce that The New Wine is playing a live show in Bergen 21. of May. The show is going to be at Garage. Last time we played in Bergen was 22. November last year, so we’re really looking forward to this! More information coming soon.


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