Stian dreams of being a stadium rocker.

Stian dreams of being a stadium rocker.

After two weeks of wonderful warm and sunny weather in continental Europe, it was with sorrow we woke up at a huge parking lot next to Wembley Stadium, cold rain pouring down from incredibly grey skies, and foul winds making us shiver. We had been afraid that we wouldn’t make it to England because of a strike or fishermen blocking the harbours or whatever the cause was, but when we woke up this morning we almost wished to still be stuck in Calais. The drive from Dover to London was a wet and slippery one, the highways were actually closed because of the downpour. Therefore we had to take an old route, and those who woke up during the night would hear heavy rain hitting the roof and tree branches slamming against the bus.


Anyway, we cheered up a bit when we went into the city. Stian, Johan, Arnold and myself took the tube to Old Street to find our hotel. It was a room at Holiday Inn that we booked far too late. But it was perfectly okay, and after many nights in the bus a hotel was very welcome. The first show was at Scala. It was a really cool place with a really high gallery where we stood watching The Whitest Boy Alive from above. They played a fantastic concert. Erlend climbed the speakers and had a walk around the whole room. What more can one ask for? A girl from the audience almost managed to steal our pineapple shaker, but Erlend managed to get it back. All in all it was a really nice evening.

A heavy discussion in the underground after our Scala show.

A heavy discussion in the underground after our Scala show.

Next day was Cargo. We played there in December as part of our small “London tour”. It was cool to come back, because it’s a great venue (even though the backstage is the size of a bath tub). We arrived quite early, and we enjoyed a really nice hamburger in the restaurant. We played what we like to call “a hell of a show”, and the same did the whitest boys. Afterwards we played a tune together, and it all ended with us jamming some disco house stuff. Marcin even had a walk in the audience, and he barely made it back to stage. Fortunately we were wise enough to quit jamming really quickly. Afterwards we played some bangers from the DJ booth together with DJ Highfish. It seemed that everybody were in a dancing mood, and the night was megabomb, to use Daniel’s expression.

Having a good time in the restaurant after a wonderful meal.

Having a good time in the restaurant after a wonderful meal.



2 Responses to “London”

  1. 1 Lucy April 20, 2009 at 4:16 pm

    Hey The New Wine,

    I have to apologise for my dreadful behaviour at the Scala gig last week…I got carried away and I was the girl who tried to steal your pineapple. I was (of course) always going to give it back, I was just borrowing it for a short time. My tactics did however, earn me a kiss on the cheek from the wonderful Erlend…so I am glad I was a daredevil for the night. Sorry again, please forgive me?
    Hugely enjoyed the gig and you guys rocked! Was so amazing to see The Whitest Boy Alive FINALLY in the UK, such a great show! When are you next in London? You should come back soon….the weather isn’t always grey and wet (just most of the time) and I have told my friends about you and of course the pineapple…they too would like to try their luck at ‘borrowing’ a musical fruit for the evening.

    Good luck with the rest of the tour!

    Lucy xx

  2. 2 The New Wine April 24, 2009 at 3:20 pm

    Dear Lucy. We hereby forgive you. You are most welcome to our next show in London, and we will make sure to have a carrot or maybe even a grapefruit ready for you!

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