Travel day – Driving for 18 hours

It’s a long drive from Brighton to Berlin (in every disco I get in, my heart is pounding for love). In the late morning, we made a short stop in Dortmund to pick up a new driver (rules and regulations). We had 30 minutes to find some food, so me, Daniel and Adrian went for a walk. Dortmund is a boring city. Daniel made a statement by screaming “fuck!!!!” in the middle of the street. That was epic. The best food we could find was some sliced gouda, chorizo and bread at a supermarket in the ground floor of a shopping centre. We actually voted on eating man-food, so we decided to save this for later. By the train-station, this wonderful old lady sold bratwürst with mustard in small baguettes. Daniel tought me the german ways of eating. Nice. Adrian was sceptical, so he ran for the nearest McDonalds.

Germany by bus is mostly farming and flat land. It’s beautiful for a little while, but you get really bored when you see the same for hours and hours. For dinner, we made a stop at a godforsaken place by the autobahn. Currywürst, the worst food in the world by Trebbi’s definition, was eaten in great portions. We got to see some hills, sat in the sun and were mostly happy.

While sitting in a bus with 12 other people, there is not much room to move, and not many activites to attend. I could lay my bed, read comic novel Ghost World, the norwegian short-stories collection Popsongar by Frode Grytten or I could play Nintendo DS (I brought Chrono Trigger, Zelda and Professor Layton). There is also a lounge in the back upstairs with a DVD-player and The Whitest Boy Alive’s boomblaster, where Marcin has been caught mixing house from his computer. Downstairs you find room for 12 people, and four TV-screens projecting DVDs from a cupboard. Later the same evening we saw Die Hard IV, McLaine being as yippi-kay-yee cool as ever. While in the centre of Berlin, the toilet was full with piss, so it was emptied in the open streets. Jesus and Mary Chain!


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