Our weekend in Stavanger


We started out early in the morning on Saturday, driving from Bergen to Stavanger, Norway’s oil capitol. It’s a 4-5 hours drive, and we had a really nice roadtrip including beautiful landscape, good music, ferries and of course also classic Norwegian ferry food (Johan bought a lefse). We played in the afternoon at a festival where college graduates from all over the country gather to get drunk. We played a decent show for an audience of about 60 people who were not in the mood or condition to dance (partly because of the structure of the concert tent).


Adrian was eager to get out of the car and have a good stretching.


Waiting for the ferry.


Sharing a slice of bread for lunch.

Later in the evening we played at Cementen in the city centre. It was a small and intimate venue where we just rigged up our instruments on the floor. Not many people had showed up when we started playing (our love goes out to those who had), but as we played our set more people entered the room and by the end of the show people were dancing and demanding an encore. Brave as we were, we tried out a new, unfinished song. It went great, and probably it was finally finished right there. The only minus was that the good old DX7 had to give up the fight against an unknown illness, so now I’ll have to take her to a synth doctor.


Johan having a good time at the festival. – It was great to come back here, he says.


Adrian outside the concert tent after our show.


Playing at Cementen.


So long from The New Wine!


1 Response to “Our weekend in Stavanger”

  1. 1 spiltmilk May 12, 2009 at 10:46 pm

    Are you sure all that happen in just one weekend?? It’s good that you seem happy to go with the flow, and those who literally stumble upon you and hang around are treasures.
    Kudos to you, too, for referring to your DX7 a ‘she’!


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