Reactions after Hove

We had a great time performing at Hove, both 21. of June at the Campusscene, 23. june at the Hove-stage and in the jam-bunker for some really rare acoustic performances. Not only being an artist, but attending audience, was a great experience. We saw great concerts, ate food (as we always do) and built up a serious tan as you would never believe. The media showed massive interest in our choice of living, as environmentalist-campers on the Hove Campsite. What a feeling! Read all about it:

Nömusic did an extremely accurate interview. Smuglesning had us talking about camplife (and even though I invited between 3000 or 4000 people to come and party with us on our camp, Adrian did the same in this video…). Hovefestivalens newspaper also did an interview, especially showing interest in our choice of lifestyle.

Reviews are nice, especially positive ones. Nömusic Media wrote some sweet words about our performance at the main stage (check out cool pix), and Dagsavisen rolled an amazing 5 (hope Geir Rakvaag can forgive us for singing in english).



1 Response to “Reactions after Hove”

  1. 1 spiltmilk June 30, 2009 at 11:05 pm

    Brilliant – there was so much to read in that post! Totally APPROVE of £££ spent on a banner – it’s just a given, isn’t it? Totally DON’T approve of WBA antics with ‘taken’ people. WTF is that about?? Big cross there. Trains over planes – big tick. Tans – tick (remember when New Order got tans? They ended up in Cannes). Have to apologize for the sh*t breakfast you got in Manchester – that’s outrageous. And we tried to rob the bus, didn’t we? We’re such retards sometimes *blushes*

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