Bygdalarm reviewed

After intense travelling first from Hamburg to Bergen via Oslo by plane (we’re starting to get really tired of airport waiting), then from Bergen by car, it was a delight to finally arrive in the village of Øystese where the festival Bygdalarm took place. This is probably one of our most idyllic experiences so far. The whole setting of the fjord, the mountains, the glacier, the music, the food and the fantastic treatment we got sums up to what paradise probably must be like.

The Hardanger fjord, with Folgefonna, the great glacier, in the background. Such great surroundings.

The Hardanger fjord, with Folgefonna, the great glacier, in the background. Such great surroundings.

When we arrived, we were guided to the Hardanger Fjord Hotel, and dinner was served on the patio outside the dining hall. On the menu was a delicious peace of lamb, slaughtered by the festival director himself, and eating this whilst watching the fjord sparkling in the afternoon sun was the best welcome we could possibly get.


We had a great time at the backstage, which actually consisted of an old, cozy house and a large garden that used to belonged to a recently deceased person (horrid, but true). The garden was situated by the water, so we quickly jumped into the fjord to cool down after our long travel. Then we had a chat with the people of Side Brok, of whose show we unfortunately only caught the last song due to our sound check (but this sounded great, however). Great guys, great stories. Our show started at midnight, in the upper story of the hotel, in a conference room that had been turned into a night club. We managed to drag a sitting audience into amazing dance moves after a couple of songs. It was a fun, and definitely warm, performance.


The next day we spent several hours on the beach, continuing the work on our tan from Hove, bathing every ten minutes not to collapse from heat. This was truly a festival that we will remember.


2 Responses to “Bygdalarm reviewed”

  1. 1 spiltmilk July 8, 2009 at 11:41 am

    Hang on, deceased or diseased? Diseased is making me feel a bit sick 😦

    Stunning hotel, though. And a beach?? How does that work??

  2. 2 The New Wine July 8, 2009 at 12:46 pm

    Haha, deceased! Thanks for noticing.

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