How was Træna?

I am not entirely sure if you our wondering about our adventures in the far north of Norway, but regardless of that follows a short resumé of our fabulous trip. Unchristly early flights are not popular within our band, and luckily the plane from Bergen to Bodø was both noon-ish and direct (no-transfer, yippie!). We travelled from Flesland and back again with our friends in Kakkmaddafakka, whom we thank for making our trip extra fun. 

In Bodø we were greeted by a nice woman working for Træna Festival, and accompanied to the harbour where high-speed ferry were shipping us from. We had one marginal hour to buy rations and beverages, and it ended up with us getting some good wine and two cases of lager for the lot.

We catched some beautiful sights while boating towards Træna, especially one Island that I don’t remember the name of (we are sure that this Island is a location in the movie Tatt av Kvinnen). At Træna we checked in at the Hotel (a new sportshall filled with partytents and matrasses), and had night after night with great experiences.


Even though our concert was great (fine review in Rana Blad), we saw other great concerts and beautiful landscapes, a definite highlight was one fine afternoon spent on an old fishers boat (by the outdoor looks of it) transformed into a oase-spa. Inside we treated ourselves with sauna, steam-bath and a cold stamp. What a day! We brought our girlfriends and had a great time. The boat even had it’s own sushi-chef. How sweet life tastes sometimes…

We would like to thank our friends in Kråkesølv for a legendary nachspiel (now baptized the ananachspiel, because of the sudden involvement of a mashed ananas) in both Lillekos (a sweet tent managed by XRK, a well-organised music club managed by young people from Bodø who are good at what they do; thanks for selling btw.) and the sportshall.

To everyone who attended our concert. Thank you.



3 Responses to “How was Træna?”

  1. 1 spiltmilk July 24, 2009 at 8:37 pm

    High-speed ferries and sushi? Ooh-la-la, that sounds fairly civilized. Did you sell lots of those luscious t-shirts? ((where can I get a tote bag from?))

    By the way, aaaaaaages ago I heard the faint opening of a track being played in the far-off corner of a department store and thought, ‘OMG, they’re playing The New Wine!’ Turns out it wasn’t Stian singing in a high-pitched squeak – it was the Ting Tings’ ‘Shut Up and Let Me Go’ 😦
    But underneath all the noise, it DID sound like something of yours.
    Listen, someday guyzzzzz, you WILL make it onto a department store playlist. Youcandoityesyoucaniknowyoucan ;-P

  2. 2 Antje July 25, 2009 at 12:02 pm

    And how did you like Melt!? Loved the mash-up surprise! 🙂

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