Summer Eurotrip Part One

Hi-ho| This is part one.


Requests are piling up, but we’re not hard to ask. One of our best trips as a band was our mini touring of the Netherlands and Germany earlier this month. Intense, but enormous fun. First airplane left Flesland at 06:10 in the morning, but with our heavy summer-night gaming, our circadian rhythms are pretty much fucked up anyways. We all met up happily, smiling. These early SAS-flights have a decent continental breakfast, fine food for hungry, young men on the road to ruin. So, via Oslo to Amsterdam was very simple, and we’re steadily increasing in airport travel skills, soon reaching level 9 I believe. Adrian picked up some extra “speed”, Johan boosted his “intelligence”  (airport logistics ), and Geir & Stian strength (for carrying heavy flight-cases). We are some sweet hustlers, yes.

In Amsterdam we we’re picked up by this guy with a ‘The New Wine” sign (this is always really funny, I don’t think we’ll get used to it), and was driven to our hotel, “Backstage Hotel”. You’ve never seen anything like it, I swear. Decorators gone mental with backstage interior, spot-light mirrors, snare-drum roof-lights, drum-stools, flight-case wardrobes and tons of other small details. The tastfulness is up for discussion, but we viewed from an ironic distance. Funny shit, going from the real backstage to the hotel room that looks like a backstage. We also signed the piano at the hotel bar. The piano was signed by all the bands that had stayed there, and while gazing upon it, we noticed that both our friends in Casiokids and Kakkmaddafakka had been sleeping there beforehand. No powers left, we all spent that first afternoon sleeping.

First gig on tour was at Paradiso, a venue located in an old churc. After a nice interview with Holland Vice Magazine, we quickly went for a merry-go-round of the nearby vintage record shops, buying some old disco and soul LPs. The guys at Paradiso was nice to us, and we spent our buy-out at Melkweg, eating delcious Hollandic food made by wonderful amercian lady (she liked Johan, but who blames her, Johan’s really likeable).


Thanks to Tonie for capturing this picture of us live at Paradiso.

Thanks to Tonie for capturing this picture of us live at Paradiso.

Before our show, techno-house kings in Simian Mobile Disco played a really loud show, making most people go blind from the crazy light show. Very interesting appearence, indeed. After a while of DJ Arnold going crazy behind the decks, and us going crazy in front of the backstage-fridge, we did a fine show for a fine amount of people. Most of them screamed when we announced our MJ-tribute in form of our live-favorite “Lost”. For supper, we stole some sandwiches from Simian Mobile Disco. Sorry guys, but your nightliner already left!


After a sleepy train-ride from Amsterdam to Rotterdam (Adrian reading political biographies, Johan sleeping soundly (by the sound of his iPod Touch that is), me playing Nintendo DS, and Geir doing the same as Johan), we finally appreached one of our favorite venues in one of our favorite cities in one of our favorite countries, Rotown in Rotterdam in Holland. It’s a pleasure to be here, and too bad our friend Joey was away on vacation. We stayed at Hotel Emma (a Rotterdam-classic), and we are always treated so well here. We ate a delicious meal here, three of us choosing the thai-chicken, except one guy, he choose the vegetarian lasagne (??), and a soundcheck without the snare-drum-support. I must say some few words about the original backstage in Rotown. All the walls are filled with band-names, but the funny twist is that the word “ham” is someway incorporated into it. We would be “The New Ham” or “The Ham Wine”. Not so funny. But “Death Ham For Cutie”, “Herbie Hamcock”, “Ham & Oates” and the genious “Wham!” are hell-of-a-lot-of-funnier, especially when you’ve had a Carlsberg.

It was so fun to play at Rotown (even though I snapped by B-string at the first song). A very greeting crowd of Rotterdamians danced away the night to the sound of our music, oh “how would life be, without a song or dance, what are we?”, and we sold some t-shirts and totebags after the show. This is actually really fun for us, selling t-shirts that is. The night ended well, and we met some really interesting people standing behind the merch-booth. And if you’re reading this dear austrailian friend, it was really nice meeting you!

So stay tuned for the rest of this exciting story of The New Wine doing a mini Eurotrip. Next time, I will tell you about our adventures at the Melt Festival (oh god damn) and De Affaire in Nijmegen. Thank you for reading.



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  1. 1 spiltmilk July 29, 2009 at 10:01 pm

    At least you didn’t snap your G-string. Hey-heyyyyyy! 😉

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