Norway tour 2009


Hello everyone!

This fall we’re going touring in Norway, in collaboration with Rikskonsertene (  From Kristiansand in the south, to Bodø in the far north. We’ll play a hell of a show everywhere. We are really looking forward to this, so we hope you’ll all come! Here are almost all of our dates:

  • 11/9 – STAVANGER @ Nu Music 09
  • 18/9 – VOLDA @ Rokken
  • 19/9 – OSLO @ Rockefeller
  • 23/9 – KRISTIANSAND @ Trash pop (Charlies Bar)
  • 14/11 – BERGEN @ USF-vertet

More dates will come soon, including Bodø, Trondheim, and Oslo++!

And if you’re lucky enough to be on Iceland between October 14th and 18th you can come see us swimming around in hot water, or at our concert(s?)!!

Have a blast!



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