Night of mayhem in Volda



Tomorrow night it’s all going down in the lovely town of Volda, situated about 300 kilometres north of Bergen. Our friends Eskimo, who supported us on our show in Bergen in May, will kick the evening off. After that we will do our best to make all the journalism students dance like crazy. We have som new songs that we are eager to try out. And as if this wasn’t enough, our friend Skatebård will end the night with a hell of a DJ set. Bård is one of our favourites amongst the Bergen DJs and producers. Look out for italo, house and techno! Rumours has it that he will play the wonderful track ‘Bolero’ by Fancy.

Eskimo supporting us in May.

Eskimo supporting us in May.

We’re all looking forward to see Volda, and visit the Ivar Aasen museum. For all of you who are not familiar with Aasen, check him out. Great guy. Then our next stop will be Oslo on Saturday. But that’s another story.

See you in Volda!


1 Response to “Night of mayhem in Volda”

  1. 1 Sunniva September 18, 2009 at 7:25 am

    Go Ivar Aasen!! Go The New Wine! Go Skatebård! Alt ein kan ynskje seg på ein gong! Kva med å setje melodi til eit Aasendikt? Kanskje litt seint for denne anledninga, men det er ein god tanke! 🙂

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