Flashbacks from Volda, upcoming Wednesday Night Fever in Kristiansand and Wine & Song at a studentclub in Oslo. Oh joy!

Hi there!

I must say. Things are going great for us nowadays. We are a bunch of jolly boys swinging away at our rehearsal space, making up new tunes, laughing and most importantly eating vast amounts of our favorite vegetable: the avocado. I’m not saying that we’re gonna start hooking you all up on recepies, but a serious tip for a great lunch is fresh bread cut into neat pieces served with avocado, some great spiced ham and your favorite cheese (brie!). Well that’s enough about food! There is some critical information you all may need to know.

Volda Flashbacks

What can we say? Volda was probably a new high for The New Wine. When arriving early on an airport with 7 employees, located in the midst of beautiful mountains and fjords, on the stretch from übernorwegian villages Ørsta and Volda, we all knew that this one of those days. One of those beautiful days you just want to last – until oblivion and back again. Adrian was greeted personally by one of our two cabdrivers, and we we’re escorted past the Ivar Aasen museum and to Volda. After a quick (and superb) load-in, we thankfully accepted a generous offer of a quality lunch from Ulf – Rokken Manager. We had some quick laughs, coffee and went straight to the 70s hotel. For the first time in TNW-history, all four of us recieved a room each! A magic moment if I may say. The rest of the midday consisted of a stroll in the Volda City Centre (coffee and danish pastry at the local Baker & treasure hunting at the preowned accessories store) and a fine interview with the local student newspapers.

It was a joyful sight when we once again hooked up with our bro and sistaz from Eskimo. Trust me when I say, these guys have serious potential. They just published a new demo of their song Short Division, so be sure to check that one out. Meanwhile all the catching up and chocolate munching, our friend DJ Skatebård entered Volda. This sure was set to be a night to remember.

All gigs went great and DJ Skatebård played an awesome set filled with italo classics and danceable goodies from his rolling vinylbag of treasures. We had a great afterparty at both Rokken and Martine’s place, but the night reached it’s peak at this homemade pub in the basement of some students serving ice cold beverages until late. All in all – epic shit. Volda 4 ever!

Entering home of Julius (the monkey) and some of our favorite pirates

Tomorrow’s the night. The New Wine arrives for sightseeing tomorrow, and we plan to skip lazily by the pier eating ice-cones in the sun. And after all the precious delight, ourselves will be moved to the lovely Charlie’s Bar for a gig to remember. Trash-Pop, sounthern Norway’s finest booking crew, has been kind enough to invite us to do a show. We will be sure to make mayhem within Charlie’s four walls. Please be there if you are in the area. So that’s 22:00 at Charlie’s Bar!


Capitol City (if you get this referance, I’ll love you) Student Party

So well. You’re in Oslo this thursday. You are in the mood to do something. Really just take it all out. Dance, have a drink and treat yourself. Well, please consider this wonderful offer. You find a subway or tram that leads you to the university of Oslo, Blindern, and you find the building addressed Molkte Moes vei 31. Be sure to be there early. 22.00! Why late? Find U1, the venue in the basement of the SV-fakultet and pay 60 kr to get in. This way we’ll provide all of your needs. Let’s make it a night to remember. Check it out on facebook.

Last note:

I would love to update you on what we are doing just now, but let’s keep it special and wait for a fitting moment. Until then: keep it real.



1 Response to “Flashbacks from Volda, upcoming Wednesday Night Fever in Kristiansand and Wine & Song at a studentclub in Oslo. Oh joy!”

  1. 1 spiltmilk September 26, 2009 at 4:39 pm

    I tried some kind of cold avocado soup-thing once and it felt like I was eating a facepack. You’ll never convert me to Avocadoism in a million years.

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