Long time, no update

First of all. Sorry for the lack of updates lately. We have fallen into a slumber of drowziness (an effect of the dark norwegian autumn), and we promise that this will not happen again. So here goes. What’s up in camp new wine:

1. rehearsing A LOT. mostly for our upcoming concert in bergen 14th of november. this show will be amazing. guests (both before, in and after our show), covers and the ever loving electronic disco-pop from your dancy pals in the new wine.

2. making new tunes. exciting new working titles as: “tango”, “ekko” and “pirat-sangen”. these will probably make it on upcoming releases. album????

3. having a workshop for six crazy 11-year-olds. we actually recorded a version of “i had to tell you” with a childrens choir.

4. planning our upcoming november tour. watch out for shows in norway, denmark, sweden and uk. we will keep you updated on myspace.

5. releasing our first ever release soon (digital): “bridge” with extremely nice remixes from mighty mouse (UK), frivold & lindbæk (NO) and maybe even more. watch out for material stuff coming also. vinyl???

6. discussing music video ideas with a great up and coming video-directer from bergen, aron eskeland. we love his work and love to work with him. and his team!

so there it is. we are not dead. just very busy. i’ll link you to myspace, because there you’ll find a preview of our upcoming single. enjoy! here is the cover:


we love you all!


2 Responses to “Long time, no update”

  1. 1 Lars October 30, 2009 at 8:00 am

    please come to Denmark again, it was so much fun to see you last time in Århus!

  2. 2 spiltmilk October 31, 2009 at 12:37 am

    The tour will, of course, be gigantically exciting, but for me No.3 intrigues me most. Sending you (((good vibes))) for the dark Autumn!

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