Bergen – Stockholm – Bodø – Oslo – Bergen

Hi all.

This weekend has been crazy fun and totally tiresome. Thursday afternoon we arrived in Stockholm for a show at the Europavox Festival. We played at a great little venue called Debaser Slussen (the little brother of Debaser Medis, where we played last december). The crowd was very pleased and so were we. On this faithful night we were lucky enough to share stage with the incredible James Yuill. He played a great show and even mentioned us in his twitter, referring to The New Wine as Steely Dan-esque. Thanks, James! 

On friday we flew up to Bodø, an amazing city with a musical community reminding of that in Bergen. A lot of great bands reside up here. Some of whom we have been lucky enough to get to know. Kråkesølv, Laura and IHAB. We definately love Bodø & Sinus. The concert went great. We were told beforehand that the last band playing Bodø Hardcore Festival was allowed to play as long as they wanted. Challenge accepted. The clock ticked in on 1h and 15m when we were done. A bit too long maybe? Well, not according to these fine reviews from local Bodø Studentpaper Ventus and Northern Norway Culture-blog Grus. Thank you so much for fine words. A crazy picture:

Photo by Martin Losvik for

Saturday was definately the hardest day. Two gigs. First on all-age stage Sub-Scene. Second at our friend Simen Hernings’ club Get Dancy at Parkteateret. Almost new record in late-night gigging, as we went onstage 01.10 at the Get Dancy Extravaganzy. Even so, people danced their hearts out. Great success!

Tomorrow we leave for UK! Please attend our show this upcoming thursday with support from local Londoners Portasound! Please come if you live in England. London is never too far away.



1 Response to “Bergen – Stockholm – Bodø – Oslo – Bergen”

  1. 1 Petter Karlsson December 1, 2009 at 1:27 pm

    The Debaser gig was awesome. Waiting for the digital release of the 12″ now!

    Big ups!

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