Sometimes festivals are so great that you just have to write something to spread the word about it! Vinjerock, located in the midst of very tall norwegian mountains, 1060 meters above sea, is one of those festivals. Upon arriving our band-contact Solgunn (<3) hooked us up with our lavvo-tent with strawberries, beer and a boomblaster. Hells yeah! We hooked it up, found the frequency for VinjerockFM (they actually had their own radiostation up there) and Geir’s remix of Casiokids was on. It was turned up to max volume and – BOOM – members of Raga Rockers, Howl and Sivert Höyems band could enjoy the beats coming from The New Wine’s tent.

As the day turned to night, after having enjoyed a sleeping session and some lunch, we played our first show in a while. Last months have been mostly studiowork and no gigging. We we’re a bit rusty, but probably half of the audience danced and probably everybody had a great time. The rustiness will be gone until this weekend’s Stavanger-gig and ofcourse Sommerfesten at Giske. We owe Giske the best show ever!

Vinjerock offered waffles at night (04:00 pm), hiking in the mountains next morning (with our sponsored, new hiking shoes), a breakfast after breakfast-hours and an icecold bath in Bygdin – an enourmous lake located between the mountains. All in all a wonderful experience. Also got the chance to see Raga Rockers perform live from the stage. Nice!


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  1. 1 Napa Wine August 3, 2010 at 11:41 pm

    Nice Post. Thanks for sharing it. I wish I could be there on Vinjerock.

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